Vocal Technique and Dramatic Coaching

The human voice has one great advantage over all other instruments; it has the ability to use words. Every note we sing is theater. As a teacher, my goal is to engage my students in the fundamentals of healthy singing technique, language skills, dramatic artistry, and to share with them a diverse musical background so that they will become and remain passionate about the art of singing. I believe this passion to create beautiful and communicative singing will prepare my students for professional and artistically satisfying success and will contribute to their lives as well-rounded citizens of the world. 

The Cresswell Voice Studio is made up of singers performing a wide variety of music. While the bulk of her professional perfomance work has been in the classical world, Jennifer's studio also includes successful performers in musical theatre, jazz, and pop. She utilizes knowledge and coordination of the body, disciplined musicianship, the enjoyment of text and language, and the encouragement of experimentation as key ingredients to making music and communicating with the voice. The goal of studying vocal technique is for each student to gain command of their individual instrument so that they are empowered to sing the music that they want to sing, the way that they want to sing it, and to not be limited artistically by inefficient vocal production. Dr. Cresswell targets the spots in the vocal mechanism where coordination needs realignement and works with the student to inform, empower, and implement healthy singing production.

Jennifer's dramatic coaching relies heavily on her training in the Stella Adler acting technique, which cultivates character development through a step by step process of script study, research, personal observation, and informed imagination.

All work sessions in the Cresswell Voice Studio come from a place of mutual respect and transparency. All students and their work will be respected and honored as human beings first and artists second.